Intercontinental VC

Empowering Australian Business In China



Intercontinental VC is an investment company compromised of multiple focused funds with a collective goal of facilitating Australian business in China.  
Our mission is to:
•Advance the trade of premium Australian food products into China by investing into agriculture, food processing, distribution, marketing and Agtech at every stage of the supply chain
•Develop the necessary resources to facilitate premium high school education of Chinese students in Australia


Investment Focus

Agriculture | Education | Technology


Premium Food & Agriculture

Facilitating the opportunity for Australian business in China by investing into:

  • Prime agricultural land and best practice farmers who can consistently deliver premium products

  • Food processors with innovative, high quality products prime for export to Asia

  • Logistical and infrastructure opportunities supporting the supply chain



Investing into infrastructure, communities and the Australian education system to build direct pathways for Chinese students to study abroad in Australia. The fund has three primary goals:

  • Build tailored high school student accommodation for Chinese students

  • Establish an E-Learning & Virtual Campus platform for Chinese students to better their English skills

  • Form research campuses in partnership with Australian universities conducting research and development into agricultural innovation


Early Stage Innovation

Potential investees will be Australian companies operating in the agriculture or agritech space with the potential for venture capital style returns through innovative and sustainable intellectual property. Preferably synergistic with the investments of the partnering funds to build an interdependent network



Office 1, Building 1, Second Floor, The Habitat, 1 Porter Street, Byron Bay NSW 2481 Australia


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